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written by Adrienne Skye Roberts
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Camerawork Show! Sept 9th 2010
Suggestions of a Life Being Lived is a bold presentation of contemporary work that looks at queerness as a set of political alliances and possibilities. The exhibition features 16 artists working in photography, film, video, activism and education, and was organized for SF Camerawork by guest curators Danny Orendorff and Adrienne Skye Roberts. Untethered to institutions of sexual or gender normativity and in pursuit of greater freedoms, the work in this exhibition represents queer activism, intentional and imagined communities, self-determinism, and DIY alternative world-making.

Suggestions of a Life Being Lived begins from a place of “outness” and considers how a sense of liberated queerness is pursued and mediated within public spaces and behaviors. Less concerned with categorical sexual identities or coming-out narratives, this exhibition presents work that looks outward towards collective and resistant expressions of queer community existing outside of dominant gay and lesbian culture.

Featuring work by: Steven Miller, Tara Mateik, Killer Banshee, Gay Shame, Kirstyn Russell, Jeannie Simms, Lenn Keller, Mercury Vapor Studios, Chris Vargas, Greg Youmans, Jason Fritz Michael, Aay Preson-Myint, Allyson Mitchell, Eric Stanley, Torsten Zenas Burns, and Darrin Martin.

September 9—October 23, 2010
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 9, 5 - 8 pm
Capricious Magazine
Look out for my work from where we are not known in Capricios #10 the Feminist Issue.
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Capricios #10
Opening at Swissnex-Friday October 3rd
A conceptual exhibit environment conceived and initiated by Rita Jurt, “My Street” pairs up Charlotte Hug's “Son-Icons”, three-dimensional, highly graphic musical scores, with the work of Bay Area photographer Kirstyn Russell. Rita Jurt, a Swiss violin teacher dedicated to creating improvisational musical settings for children based on graphic musical notation, first brought Hug and Russell together to collaborate on the concept she had elaborated for "My Street" in Switzerland, where the exhibition was first presented.

Hug, Russell and Jurt will present their work and explain how it has lessons to offer for collaboration within contemporary, "grown-up" creation. Charlotte Hug will then perform "Anderwelten" (Other Worlds), a new score for viola and voice in which the musician directly interacts with the physicality of her Son-Icons and of swissnex San Francisco’s performance space.

The exhibit will be shown at swissnex until October 24th, and can be visited by appointment.

6:30 pm: Doors open, exhibit, networking
7:00 pm: Presentations by:
o Charlotte Hug
o Kirstyn Russell
o Rita Jurt
7:30 pm: Performance: "Anderwelten" by Charlotte Hug
8:30 pm: Exhibit, networking, food and drinks
9:30 pm: Doors close
SATURDAY SEPT 6th 2008 7-9

Out of the Bubble: Artists on Queer Travel
2199 Market St
SF,CA 94114

A travel photography exhibition exploring what it looks like when people venture from their comfort zones into new territory. Images articulate what they identified and contrasted with when leaving their personal bubble. Dusty Lombardo, Lenore Chinn, Lydia Daniller, Kirstyn Russell, Pamela Peniston, and Yuri Manabe. See full press release and more images. September 6 - 20, Thursday - Sunday noon to 6:00.
I have a photo in the 21 Grand auction

Date & Time:
Friday, June 6, 2008 - Sunday, June 8, 2008
7:00 PM
21 Grand Gallery
416 25th Street
Oakland, CA 9461
Virtual Tour
This is a "virtual tour" of a show I was in last year.