Kirstyn Russell
Tap Room (Gay Bar), West VirginiaAin't Nobody's Biz (Gay Bar): Tuscon, AZGay Barber: West VirginiaFormer Gay Club: Reno, NVButches: Milwaukee, WIThis is it! (Gay Bar): Milwaukee, WIBig Bear: Deroit, MIThe Luxor: Lubbock, TXDyke Photography: Flint MichiganBimart: Medford, ORWalker's Pint (Gay Bar): Milwaukee, WINo Muff Too Tuff: Kenosha, WIBack Door (Gay Bar) Lancaster, CaliforniaClub 219: Milwaukee, WIAdams Apple (Gay Bar) Detroit, MichiganThe Pfister: Milwaukee, WIMuffman: Flint Michigan
Queer Spaces (Real and Imagined)

I started photographing queer spaces as a way to look at identity in the landscape. As I started looking for Gay Bars to photograph on a trip to West Virginia I realized many of the bars and clubs had been closed down. In my intense search (2,200 miles in 4 days) I started projecting queerness into the stores, street signs, grocery stores I was driving past. In areas where overt queerness is hidden (no rainbow flags on the gay bars) I noticed pool halls called “Butches” and supermarkets called “Big Bear”.

Photographing all over the United States and parts of Europe has expanded the project. I have begun to look at the histories (real or created) I project onto the places I photograph. By using my camera I am able to recontextualize the spaces I photograph.